Scheduling activation and configuration

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  • The facility must have a set timezone under System settings -> System information.

  • The current implementation is a BETA, and has not been extensively tested. We can not guarantee reliable operation.

  • The current implementation is completely cloud based, this means that in order for it to function, the physical EnergyHub on the facility must be connected to the internet. If not, no schedule-events will be applied.

Activation and setting a default schedule

The scheduling page can be accessed under System Settings → System Configuration. Once there, click the SchedulingBETA-button under the Operational Settings-widget and the scheduling-page will open.

When the scheduling page opens up for the first time the user will be asked to use their current operation settings as the default schedule. The default schedule contains the settings that will be running at the facility when there are no other schedule events active. 

Once the user has clicked the Use current operation settings as default schedule, they will see the main scheduling page. In the example picture above, we can see that there are no schedule events present in both the Events-list and the Calendar view.

The user can modify the default schedule by pressing the Edit default schedule button. Both the default schedule and schedule events utilize the default operational settings view. For more information regarding how this is configured, please see the page How do I configure my battery? Once the user is happy with their default schedule, they can save it by pressing the Store-button.

Adding schedule events

To add a new schedule event, the user can press the green plus button on the top right of the main scheduling page.

Once pressed, a new widget will open up. This widget contains the schedule interval as well as the operational settings of the schedule event. The user can input a summary and description as well as a time interval for the event.

The time interval is specified by entering a start and end time, as well as the days that the schedule event should occur. Note that if we create an event that should run every monday from 18 PM to 3 AM, the schedule event will start at monday 18 PM and end tuesday 3 AM.

If the user scrolls down in the schedule event widget, they can change the operational settings as desired for the event. Once the user is happy with the schedule event, they can save it by clickling the Store-button.

After the user has added an event, it will show up in the Events-list as well as in the Calendar view

The user can edit or remove events by pressing the pen or minus button respectively.

Overriding schedules

Sometimes the user might want to override a schedule, e.g. if they want to charge their EV during the day when the current schedule settings forbid them from importing power. They can then do so by using the default System Configuration-page, if they enter a operation setting and press the Update-button, that setting will run until the current schedule event ends or the next one starts.

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